Cloud Niners

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    Cloud Niners Grape is a rich Grape flavored high VG e-liquid (perfect for cloud chasers).

    Straight up Grape flavoured e-juice. For those of you who are familiar, it is highly difficult to do a bad job with Grape flavors because Grape e-juices are one of the most popular fruit flavors in Malaysia. Even with this in mind, this flavour is better most Grape flavours out there. This flavour envelops your taste buds with a super rich Grape taste.

    Cloud Niners Grape is a tasty fruity mix that will make you crave for more. The fragrant inhale and the refreshing cooling sensation on the exhale will bring you to cloud nine (pun intended).

    Grape Mix.

    Nic Strength : 3mg

    Available in 60ml

    PG/VG : 30/70

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    Cloud Niners Mango is a rich Mango flavored high VG e-liquid (perfect for cloud chasers).

    If you are familiar with Malaysian e-liquids, you probably already know that Malaysian mango flavours are renowned for its supple and rich taste. This takes it to another level. It is the top selling variant in the Cloud Niners range. Many of our clients from Europe and Middle East love this flavour and vape this exclusively. One of the superior areas about this flavour is without a doubt its fragrance.

    The sublime sensation when vaping these on a hot day cannot be described. The juice itself is full of mango richness during the inhale and and opens up even more during the exhale.


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