Vape Cocktails

  • Fuji Pearadise – Vape Cocktails | 60ml


    Are you trying to take a trip to paradise?

    It is called Fuji Pearadise by Vape Cocktails and it is sure to make every fruit lovers dream come true. It combines juicy ripe pear and fresh Fuji Apples to create an experience unlike any other.

    The pear flavor profile has become kind of rare in the vape industry. It is not everyday where you find an e liquid that nails it perfect.

    As you inhale you will first notice the blast of fresh pear that is sure to make your taste buds melt. As the vapor starts to caress your taste buds you will notice the ripe apple flavoring come into play and las throughout the exhale.

    The delicious flavoring is matched with an outstanding throat hit. It is not uncomfortable and does not make you feel like you need to cough. It is smooth and easy going from start to finish, without causing any burning, charring, or uncomfortable feeling in the back of your throat.

    If you are a fruit lover, then you don’t want to sell yourself short. We recommend you give it a shot.

    Grab some today!

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    Purple WaterMelon – Vape Cocktails | 60ml

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    Calling all grape & watermelon juice lovers!

    The inhale of Purple Watermelon is filled to the brim with sweet and juicy watermelon flavors. It will remind you of taking a bite out of a slice of watermelon on a hot day. The exhale meets you with the strong grape juice flavor that will linger with each hit providing an enjoyable experience! Your taste buds have never seen anything like this before! Do them a favor and grab a bottle today!

    The throat hit with this premium e juice is smooth and subtle due to the top shelf ingredients used. There is absolutely no charring or burning sensation so you do not have to worry about getting a scratchy or irritated throat after making this your all day vape! You can simply enjoy these sweet and juicy flavors all day without any repercussions!

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  • Strawberry Crisp – Vape Cocktails | 30ml


    The inhale is all about the succulent strawberry flavor. This is comparable to a fresh strawberry right off of a tree, that has been pureed into liquid goodness.

    The exhale is the perfect compliment, as it adds that sugary and crisp soda sensation. You are familiar with that sensation right? It’s the same one that makes you buy sodas over and over again!

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  • Strawberry Crisp – Vape Cocktails | 60ml


    Strawberry lovers listen up! Do we have a treat in for you!

    Strawberry Crisp by Vape Cocktails 60ML is a delicious e juice that you are not going to want to miss out on! This premium e liquid is filled to the brim with strawberry tart juicy flavor that is never fading.

    The inhale of this premium e liquid brings you a sweet and juicy strawberry flavor that will have you thinking you just took a bite out of the real thing! The exhale brings forth a tart sugary flavor that will leave you puckering and craving more!

    Sounds heavenly right?!

    The delicious flavors are complemented by a smooth and subtle throat hit. There is absolutely no charring or burning sensation with this vape juice. You can enjoy from dusk until dawn without any negative repercussions like an irritated throat or a cough! What are you waiting for?! Grab a bottle and see for yourself what’s in store!

    Vape Cocktails is a newer e juice brand and they have proved they have what it takes to make it in this industry by creating high-quality e juice and delicious flavor profiles that anyone can love! Along with the e juice, they have also brought their flavors into nicotine salts, so anyone can enjoy them!

    Grab a bottle today and see what all the hype is about!

    • Flavor Profile: Sweet, Tart Strawberry
    • VG/PG: 70/30
    • Nicotine Level:  3MG
    • Bottle Size: 60ML
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