• Mango Milk – I Love Milkman | 100ml


    Ah! It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy this lusciously tropical vape juice. I Love The Milkman E Liquid is known for making creative, out of this world vape juice blends but this one in particular really is like nothing you have ever had before. Even at your hungriest of times, you couldn’t have come up with a concoction this crazy but the best part about this is that it somehow works! The flavors that come together in this mixture are so different but so complementary that you will never want to have them on their own again. There is something so amazing when you are able to find a blend out of all the thousands of juices on the market that is a complete individual. Mango Milk may have a regular sounding name but something that’s this delicious couldn’t come from anywhere other than heaven. Its flavor is bright, light and silky smooth, you will fall in love at first vape when this juice captures your heart with its amazing way of mixing together fun and playful flavors. This juice takes a sweet, classic milk base and swirls it in with a touch of sweet mango for a bright yellow milk. If you think that you’ve been around the block and have seen it all, this blend will definitely prove to you that there is a whole world out there of exciting experiences to be had. Adventure is the spice of life and one of the easiest ways to add a little extra adventure into your routine is with a banging vape juice blend that brings itself to the table full force. This vape juice is brought to you by the creators of Mad Hatter E Juice and The Milkman E Liquid.

    Primary Flavors: Mango, Milk

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    RED – The Milkman Heritage | 60ml

     2,700  2,299

    An indulgent experience that marries the finest in tobacco flavors aged and bold with the natural sweetness and juiciness of ripe succulent strawberries. Awaken your senses with a powerful unique experience. Heritage Red by The Milkman Heritage E Liquid delivers on so many levels you might as well kiss your favorite tobacco flavors goodbye.

    Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Strawberry

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