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Iced Fruit Pop Big Apple Pakistan

How ‘about THESE APPLES! Just like biting into a crisp juicy apple. Iced Fruit POP!’s Big Apple is hands down (pun intended?) perfection. This flavor is sure to be enjoyed every day of the week!

Blue Raspberry ICED – POP Vapor | 100ml

Blue Raspberry Iced Pop Vapor Pakistan. A delicious blue raspberry hard candy flavor, sure to have your mouth watering with every hit! Blue Raspberry Iced Pop Vapor Pakistan is perfect for anyone who is searching for a perfect blue raspberry candy flavor.

Blueberry Lemonade ICED – Pop Vapor | 100ml


Blueberry Lemonade ICED Pop Vapor Pakistan

Blueberry Lemonade ICED Pop Vapor Pakistan (formerly Fruit POP!) is refreshingly sweet lemonade with just enough blueberry for the added touch of surprisingly delicious flavor!




Mango Dragon Fruit by Fruit POP! Iced is a blend of succulent tropical mangoes combined with the sweetness of vine-ripened Dragon Fruit, followed by an uplifting mentholated blast of cool wintry goodness to create a sensationally fruity but icy vape Available in a 100mL E-Liquid Bottle 3mg Nicotine Concentration



Ice Strawberry Kiwi Pop Vapor Pakistan

Freshly picked strawberries and the classic flavor of Kiwifruit will excite your taste buds. As you exhale the cooling sensation of menthol will cool you down all summer long.

Juicy Mango Peach – Iced by Pop Vapors Ejuice | 100ml


Juicy Mango Peach - Iced by Pop Vapors E-juice 100ml Pakistan

Mango Peach Iced By Pop Vapors is a delicious blend of mangoes with ripe peaches with a gummy candy base and menthol!
As you inhale, you taste the savory mangoes that will have your taste buds jumping up and down for joy. The mango flavor alone will have you hooked on this vape juice for months on end. On the exhale, you taste the sugary sweet peaches mixed with the chilly menthol that will have you over the moon. This vape juice will be sure to have you addicted by just the first inhale, you won’t be able to put it down.

Juicy Mango Strawberry – Fruit POP | 100ml


Juicy Mango Fruit Pop E Liquid in Pakistan

Flavor Profile: MANGO MANGO MANGO, it's irresistible! Mango accessorizes its profile with a hint of strawberry that will leave you wanting more.  Of the entire Fruit POP! line, Mango is definitely the diva! Rockstar Vapor is the leading vape store in pakistan. We have a wide range of freebase e-liquid in pakistan. Juicy mango fruit pop e liquid in pakistan is one of our best selling freebase fruit pop e-liquid in pakistan.

Juicy Mango Strawberry – POP VAPOR | 30ml


Juicy Mango Strawberry Salt POP PAKISTAN

Mango mango mango, it's irresistible! Mango accessorizes it's profile with a hint of strawberry that will leave you wanting more. Available in 30ml. Available in 45MG.



Mango Cream sicle Pop Ice Pakistan

Mango Cream Sicle by Pop Ice now available in rockstar vapor POP! Vapors mango creamsicle will invigorate your palate with the refreshing taste of  mango cream sicle. 70VG/30PG

Mango Strawberry ICED – POP Vapor | 30ml

Mango Strawberry ICED Pop Vapor: Now Available in Salt Nic in Pakistan, A refreshing blend of sweet mango juice and tart strawberry flavors with a kick of icy cold menthol. Tropical mangoes blended together with sweet strawberries and cool menthol to create a perfect all day vape flavor. If you enjoy tropical fruit blends you’ll love Juicy mango strawberry iced Salt Nic pop vapor pakistan!

Peach ICED – POP Vapor | 100ml

Peach ICED Pop Vapor Pakistan 100ML has the flavor profile of a delicious gummy candy that has been infused with only the ripest peaches in the world. This Peach ICED Pop Vapor Pakistan will define flavor to a whole other level and will you have you hooked at first taste. Available in Pakistan incl Karachi and Lahore

Strawberry Kiwi ICED – POP Vapor | 100ml

Strawberry Kiwi ICED Pop Vapor Pakistan is a magnificent blend of fruity goodness, borrowing the essences of a tart kiwis and sun-ripened strawberries and pairing them both with a gust of icy cool menthol to create a magically cool and fruity vapable delight. Available in Pakistan incl Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad