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Papaya Punch – CRFT | 30ml

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PApaya Punch CRFT Pakistan

**Note: This Product Is Only Intended For Use In Pods/Cigalikes**

Kiss those winter blues goodbye! Papaya Punch is here to bright that sunshine back into your life. Salt E Liquid knows how much people need an extra kick of refreshment injected into their routine so they produced a tropical fruit blend that will have you running circles around all of your friends. Imagine how lovely it would be if you won an amazing vacation on some far away beach front that has glittering white sand and crystal blue waters. The doldrums of your every day life are completely gone to the wayside and the only thing on your mind is just what you are going to choose off of the menu for supper. We can all dream, right? This vape juice blend will make that dreaming so much easier than you could have ever thought. When you take a few moments to fire up your mod, you can close your eyes, inhale this juice and instantly be put into that vacation ready mood. A tropical, succulent papaya flavor really shines with Salt E Liquid’s ability to recreate flavors with a huge amount of authenticity and attention to different notes and undertones. Bold, sweet and juicy, this is proof of how far vape juices have really come. If you close your eyes, relax yourself and really focus on the flavor, your mind can really be tricked into thinking this is the real deal, plucked right off of the tree just for your personal enjoyment. So let yourself go and drift away like an island breeze, the sun the sand and the fun is only an inhale away. At least with vaping you won’t have to worry about the airline overbooking your flight and losing your bags!

**This product is made with salt nicotine.**

Primary Flavors: Papaya

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