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Watermelon Slice – Dinner Lady | 60ml

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Dinner Lady E Liquid in Pakistan

Just grab a knife, slice a piece of watermelon and enjoy whenever you feel like it. If only it were that easy… Now it is through Watermelon Slices e liquid. Skip the carving and pink stains on your favorite summer clothes. Just fill your tank with this remarkably refreshing e juice and you’re good to go for a magical melon treat any time you please. Take a pull of vapor from Watermelon Slices and let your worries drift away. You’ll feel the sweet flavor of natural watermelon juices pour over your palate. However, they aren’t too sweet to discourage you from repeated use. The flavor is just right, mild and exemplary at the same time.  The presence of a few tart tannins serves to excellently balance out the sweetness of the melon. Other than making you feel relieved, refreshed and extremely satisfied, the flavonoids from Watermelon Slices e liquid will quench your thirst, rather than drying it out like the other guys’ sweet e juices. As you exhale you’ll notice the presence of candy flavor to leave a lasting impression of sweet tastiness on your lips and a childlike feeling of sugar-induced happiness in your mind. There are plenty of competitors who offer watermelon flavored vape juices. However, none combine the fresh, natural flavor of the most magnificent melon with the sweet sensation of delicious candy in such an expertly developed fashion. Keep your mind at ease, your taste buds pleased and your tank filled with Watermelon Slices e liquid. Once you try it you’ll never glance at another watermelon or candy vape juice with even a hint of curiosity, for you’ll know you already have the best there is to offer.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy

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