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    The PHILLIP ROCKE GRAND RESERVE is an ultra premium, top-shelf e-liquid made in small batches by renowned artisan juice mixologist Phillip Rocke (the master behind ANML and Gemini). With high-quality ingredients directly sourced from their origin, the Grand Reserve line consistently carries exquisite flavors that are unparalleled by any others in existence today.

    Grand Reserve Honey Cream is a divine pairing of raw honey with heaps of luxurious vanilla cream. Made, as always, with a process that includes real ingredients and all natural flavorings, the Honey Cream flavor begins with raw honey sourced from Northern California which is then reduced to a soluble essence and meticulously blended before being aged and steeped via a proprietary process that adds sublime notes of oak and offers one of the finest, smoothest vaping experiences on the planet, hands-down.
    • Flavor Profile: Raw honey with premium cream.

    • Aged and steeped with proprietary process adding distinct notes of oak, then filtered to perfection.

    • 80% Vegetable Glycerin, 20% Propylene Glycol.

    • Northern California sourced raw honey was reduced and extracted by Phillip Rocke for this blend.

    • All natural flavorings.

    • Produced in limited quantity, artisan-grade batches.

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